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Natural Blush Cheek & Lip Tint

Pure & Natural

The product contains only natural ingredients.

Kind to the skin

It is suitable for all. . .
Whether you are 15 or 85, male or female, this tint will enhance your natural beauty.

Skin tones

Use it to banish flat toneless skin.


Use it to banish flat toneless skin. 
Use with or without other make-up. You can once you have applied your base, concealer & foundation and you have your flawless complexion add a natural flush to your skin. 
Use it to accentuate your existing tan for that extra sun kissed radiance, or if you are pale due to the winter and need that instant pick-me-up. 

Use to give you the sexiest looking glow!
People comment on my skin and tell me I look so healthy, I tell them it’s my cheek tint and they immediately ask, “Where can I get some”. I have decided to share my natural blush cheek tint secret with you.

Look amazing with our natural glow

Get this natural glow for a fraction of the cost of Benefit Cheek & Lip Tint


How it works……
The oil free tint can be applied directly onto the skin and then re-applied to gain a deeper more sensual color. Can be used without any other make-up products this will give you that ‘just had a brisk walk look’. The tint may be applied to the cheeks, lips, nose and a little on the forehead and chin. The ancient recipe will nourish the skin and improve its appearance and feel. Suitable for all skin types and colors. 
The color is as close as it can be to the natural blush of the human cheek……

It is suitable for all………
Whether you are 15 or 85, male or female, this tint will enhance your natural beauty. 


Natural Blush Cheek tint before and after


The product contains only natural ingredients as listed below:
Glycerol. Tint: Curcumin, Annatto, Carmoisine. Propylene 
preservative Citric acid Rosewater concentrate Purified water.
The ingredients have been tested on sensitive skin and produced no irritation.

The product combines to make a traditional toning & moisturizing formula which is mild enough to be used on the face and neck .


Cheek application-
Dab a small amount of the tint onto the palm of your hand. Use your index finger to apply the tint to your cheekbones. Work gently into the cheekbones and down onto the soft hollow of the cheeks. Apply more as necessary for deeper color.

Chin Nose & Forehead application-
Use your index finger again to apply a little spot of tint to your chin and tip of nose gently blend. Use similar technique for the forehead but this time add few little spots of tint along the forehead near the hair line and then blend.

Lip Application-
You can use the bottles roller ball applicator to apply directly to the lips and then gently blend in with your finger if required.

The tint can be reapplied if required later on in the day but you shouldn’t need to! The color should last from morning to night. To remove your cheek tint just follow your normal skin cleansing routine. I.e. Soap, water and cleanser.

The Natural Blush manufacturer is not responsible for any misuse of their cosmetics. Please follow all guidelines for recommended application. In the rare event of irritation or an allergic reaction cease use and consult a physician. This is a home made natural product which we have taken the utmost care in designing and producing However we can not accept any liability for damage that may result from usage.

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